NIH Notified of UI Flooding Situation

The National Institutes of Health has been informed of the heavy flooding experienced across the State of Iowa and its specific impact on The University of Iowa, and has acknowledged that we may have problems in submitting grant applications due to the disruption in UI activities.


The NIH published a notice in the NIH Guide indicating that late submissions due to flood-related delays will be considered, provided they include a cover letter of explanation. Late submissions will not require advance permission from the NIH, but delays in submission are generally not expected to extend beyond the period the UI remains closed due to flooding. The full NIH announcement is available at


The Office of the Director also forwarded a list of UI actively funded research projects to each of its Institutes and Centers. While NIH does not offer a standard, uniform response to such situations, addressing each situation individually, we have every reason to believe our NIH-funded researchers can expect some flexibility as they seek new accommodations and resume their research projects.


The Division of Sponsored Programs will be in continuous communication with NIH staff and our research community, relaying additional information as damage from the flood is assessed and addressed. 



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