Limit Chemical Fume Hood Use

Chemical fume hoods, critical to research, are major energy consumers. To help attenuate the current energy shortage expected to continue throughout the summer due to the shutdown of the Power Plant, the campus’ 950 operating fume hoods will require active management by departments and individual users. Fume hood energy consumption will be reduced using the following methods:

     Unnecessary fume hoods should be shut down.

     Fume hood sashes should be kept in closed positions when hood is not in use (sashes will be labeled to remind users to keep the systems closed).

     Where possible, hoods should be shared to reduce hood usage by 50%.

     Departments and users will be contacted by Facilities Maintenance and/or Health Protection Office personnel regarding fume hood use; additional guidance for fume hood intensive buildings such as Chemistry, Med Labs and BSB will be received from CLAS and CCOM.

     Hoods should be routinely monitored by departments and laboratory operations to ensure reduced energy consumption is occurring.

 Full restoration of normal service will not occur until early fall. Please note east campus and west campus systems are separate. If you have questions, please contact the Work Control Center or the Health Protection Office at 5-8501.


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