NSF Researchers at the UI: Flood-Related Information


The National Science Foundation is awaiting guidance from the federal Office of Management & Budget (OMB) to determine the types of flexibility that may be granted to UI’s NSF-funded researchers affected by the 2008 flood.  During the Katrina disaster, federal research agencies worked closely with OMB to identify a set of flexibilities for disasters of a long-term duration, dealing with (1) charging salaries to grants, (2) ongoing non-salary expenses, (3) reporting deadlines, etc.   The NSF Policy Office will be in touch with the UI when it has received more information from the OMB. 



If you feel that you need additional time to meet a specific NSF deadline or target date, contact your NSF Program Officer (http://www.nsf.gov/staff/) via e-mail and include the following information: (1) What NSF program you are applying to, (2) How the flood has affected your research (lab access denied; personnel disruptions, etc.), (3) How much additional time past the listed deadline/target date you will need as a result of the flood disruptions.  Obtain an e-mail reply from the NSF Program Officer and place this e-mail in the “Deviation Authorization” section of your NSF FASTLANE proposal.  Contact john-massa@uiowa.edu  (319-335-2108), if your extension request is refused by NSF, or if you have any questions.


Additional funding information titled “Resources for Recovery from Flood Disaster” can be found in the Grant Bulletin at: http://research.uiowa.edu/grantbulletin/show.php/22054.


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