AHA Extends Deadline

June 14, 2008

In view of our current situation, the AHA has generously agreed to a deadline extension for applicants affected by the flooding, extending the National Center and Midwest Affiliate electronic deadlines from July 1 (National) and July 2 (Midwest) to Friday, July 11 (National and Midwest).

In order to accept late applications, however, the AHA will require an advance list of those who, due to the flooding, will be unable to submit in accordance with the original deadline and wish to take advantage of the extended deadline. If you would like to submit in accordance with the extended deadline, please contact Linda Meyer (319/335-2129) in the Division of Sponsored Programs.

Please note that the deadline extension is intended only for those affected by the flooding, and should not be used for any other reason. Those unaffected by the flooding, or able to meet the original application deadline in spite of the flooding, should not request the deadline extension.


Animal Facility Update

June 14, 2008

Animal facility update:  There is still no steam supply to either the east or west main campuses.  As a result, animals will remain in their present housing locations until the steam supply is operational and stabilized for several days.  Animals will then be systematically transferred back to their original housing facilities.  An email notice will keep you informed.


All animal orders scheduled for delivery to the University of Iowa during the week of June 23 are being postponed.  Animal ordering/delivery will resume after animals are back in their original housing locations.


In addition to steam, chilled water is in reduced supply.  It is imperative that we all continue to conserve energy.  Overtaxing the building utilities places each campus at increased risk of system failure, which will also negatively affect animal facilities.  PLEASE CONSERVE!


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